Seeking Peace Together: Letting Go of Worry

This autumn, our worship follows our Church School curriculum, Seeking Peace Together. We are learning in worship alongside the youngest members of our community.


What do you worry about?
Job security? Your health? Your kids? Your aging parents? Loneliness? Climate change? War? The political future of our country? Any number of things that pop up on your regular media source?


Would you like to worry less?


In two of the Gospels, Jesus tells his disciples very clearly, “Do not worry,” and then goes on to talk about the natural world and how grass, wild flowers and birds “neither toil nor spin” and yet are so radiant (Matthew 6:25-34, Luke 12:22-31). Fairly New-Agey, groovy stuff, right?


Some of us might be inclined to say, “Yeah right, Jesus! How am I supposed to that?”


Neuroscientists tell us that our brains are hard-wired for worry. Just like our other animal relatives, we are pre-set to scan the horizon for threats and predators. And regardless the amount of safety or security we have, we find ever-new ways to do this. The trick is how to use the power of our minds to counter this natural disposition and change the way our brains work. Jesus actually believed that humans could do it. And modern neuroscientists will tell you that it’s possible, but it takes work, consistent effort and commitment.


On Sunday, we’ll lean into Jesus’ instruction and how we can embody it more fully.


In faith,

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