Psalms 100 and 150

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Celebrating: Take-Home Questions
What things are happening in your lives, in your church, in your community, and around
the world that need to be celebrated?
As we seek God together, how can we hold each other’s pain, while also finding reasons
to celebrate together?
Music can also lift our spirits when we are down or give voice to our sadness. Songs
bring us together and move us to tears. Today’s psalms give expression to the
worshiping community’s gratitude and praise for God’s love and faithfulness. Reflect on
the hymns and songs beloved by our congregation. How do today’s worship songs
compare to those sung by another musical people long ago? How does our community
use the psalms in worship?

Children’s Activity: Praise Party!
Invite your family to join in this week’s spiritual practice as you create a decorative paper
chain to celebrate God’s love and faithfulness. Cut several 1 inch strips of plain paper.
Provide markers or crayons for writing and decorating the links.
Each evening, give family members at least three paper strips. Invite everyone to write
one thing they praise God for on each of the strips. Praises might include something
about your family, something that happened at school or work, or something in nature.
Staple or tape the links together to make one long chain or several shorter chains. At
the end of the week, hang the chain(s) to create a celebratory atmosphere and marvel
at the many ways God has blessed you and your family this week.
Share in reading Psalms 100 and 150 as part of your praise party!

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