Children’s Sabbath: Peace through Forgiveness

Genesis 25-33

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Take-Home Questions
(We encourage adults to discuss these questions with the children in their lives.)

Radical forgiveness may be defined as forgiveness that is not earned. Is there someone in your life who you may need to offer radical forgiveness? Are there times when you experienced radical forgiveness from another? What does knowing that God offers us radical forgiveness mean to you?

During worship, we saw the children enact the reunion of the twin brothers Jacob and Esau. Where did you see God in this reunion? Can you envision a reunion that would give you joy and release? What does this story tell us about living together in peace?

If you were baptized, what do you know or remember about it? Correspondingly, share your memories of your child/ren’s baptism? How did this baptism demonstrate love?

What are ways you see our United Parish community welcoming children and
newcomers into our midst and helping them grow in faith? What are ways we could deepen in that practice? Share your best ideas with one another and with Pastor Kent or Christine.

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