Luke 11:1-13

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Take-Home Questions
1. Praising God’s “hallowedness”
How and where in myself and in the world, do I experience the grandness of God?
Can I bring it to mind? Can I go there in person?
How does that reorient and re-proportion me in understanding my own life?
2. Seeking God’s will that it may “be done on Earth as it is in Heaven”
What does God’s will look to you?
How do you see it or seek it in your own everyday life?
How do you hope and work for it in the life of the world?
3. Asking for what we need, “our daily bread”
What do you need? How do you ask God for it? What keeps you from asking?
Do you trust that you’ll receive what you need even if it’s not what you
specifically asked for?
4. Forgiving others that we may receive forgiveness
Whom do you need to forgive? Whom do you find hard to forgive?
Who needs to forgive you?
5. Seeking God’s protection from temptation and evil.
Where do you need God’s help and protection?
What assails you – internally or externally?

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