Stewardship: Recommit and Restore. Consecration Sunday

Genesis 33:1-17 and John 21:1-19

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Take-Home Questions

On Restoration
What words would you use to describe your money story?
(e.g., fear, scarcity, abundance, generosity)
Thinking about the theme of restoration, what words would you like to describe your money story?
Or what words do you think God, Jesus, and/or your spiritual mentors would want to write for you?
Where is there overlap in your lists? How can you lean into that overlap?

Thinking about Jacob and Esau (Genesis 33:1-17)
Where in your life have you experienced betrayal and estrangement?
Where do you seek or have you experienced restoration?
What are possible pathways, both within you and outside you, to let restoration happen?

Thinking about Jesus and the abundant catch of fish (John 21:1-19)
When and where has abundance surprised you?
Where do you need abundance in your life right now?
How is God calling you to share that abundance with others?

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