Stewardship Season: Recommit and Remember

Exodus 16:1-18

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Take-home Questions
In your own life, when have you felt like the Israelites, wandering and doubting you would have

How do you discern what is enough? What does enough money, food, time and resources look like for you? Can you determine when you have too much or too little? Who determines what is too much or too little?

Identify a time in your life that felt like receiving manna — perhaps this was an unexpected financial
gift, nourishing time spent with those you love, or a beautiful meal shared with family. What did it feel like to receive this? How do manna moments like this impact your faith and your stewardship

Stewardship Season: Our Money Story (April 30-May 21)
Weekly Themes
April 30: Recommit: to Remember
May 7: Recommit: to Release
May 14: Recommit: to Reimagine
May 21: Recommit: to Restore
Consecration Sunday (pledges due!)

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