We Can Choose A Better Way

Matthew 1:18-25

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We Can Choose a Better Way: Take-Home Questions
1. What choices—made by former generations—have you inherited? When have our
ancestors chosen the better way, and when have they not? How do we
experience the consequences of those actions?
2. When have you risked your power and privilege to do the right thing? Or, when
have you experienced those with power and privilege evading justice?
3. In Isaiah 35, note all the images of transformation occurring in this prophetic
vision. The prophet envisions a Holy Way where everything becomes more alert,
more joyful, and more vibrant. What choices can we make each day to bring forth
God’s Holy Way?
Visit https://genopro.com/genogram/ (or do your own internet search) for an
explanation for how to make and notate a genogram, and create a genogram for
your family. Try to include information going back at least to your grandparents or
great grand-parents, if you have it! If you are partnered, compare your genogram
with your spouse’s and share your observations together. If you are single,
consider asking a friend or close family member to look at your genogram with
you, and take a look at theirs! Reflect on the process: What do you notice? What
have you learned?

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