Who is My Neighbor? Brookline Muslim Friends

1 John 4:7-13

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Take-Home Questions
As you look over the list of the Prophet Mohammed’s instructions for being a good
neighbor, which ones speak most clearly to you?
Which are easiest to do? Which are hardest?
1. To give, when they ask to borrow something.
2. To run to their help when they need it.
3. To help them when they have financial problems.
4. To share their sadness and happiness.
5. To offer some home-cooked meals if smelled by the neighbors.
6. Not to carry out any construction without obtaining their consent first.
7. To visit them when they are sick.
8. To attend their funeral when they pass away.
What did you learn today about being Muslim?
What are you still curious to know?
How could you deepen your interfaith relationships among our neighbors?
How could United Parish?

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