Wandering Heart: Praise the Mount!

This Lent (February 14-March 30) our worship and Church School curriculum follows A Sanctified Art’s Wandering Heart series, reflecting on the sometimes mercurial discipleship of Peter and the words of a favorite hymn, “Come, O Fount of Every Blessing.”

On Sunday, we’ll be continuing our Lenten journey with Simon as Jesus bestows a new name upon him and cements him forevermore in our narrative as Peter. This nickname, Petros (or Kephas, in Aramaic), might best be appreciated by English speakers as “Rocky” (or maybe “the Rock,” if you’re a Fast & Furious fan).

And what an exultant moment for Rocky this is. Blurting out his answer to his teacher’s question, Peter reveals the depth of his understanding of Jesus’ identity and purpose on earth, and in response Jesus reveals that he believes so much in Simons capacity to be solid and dependable that not only is he is going to call him Simon “the Rock” from now on, but also that he is entrusting the legacy of his movement to Peter, that Peter is the rock on which Jesus will build his church.

What must that have felt like for Peter?  A burden? An affirmation? A poignant mixture of both? Undoubtedly Peter was aware of his own foibles and limitations, what would it feel like for someone who frequently misplaces their belongings to be given the nickname John “the memory” Doe?

Did this memory become a touchstone for Peter, after Jesus’ death, as he devoted himself to the foundation and maintenance of this fledgling movement? Did he remind himself of Jesus’ affirmation whenever he felt he wasn’t up to the task?

We may never know for sure, but join us for worship on Sunday in person or on youtube to pray, sing, and ponder together.

In faith,

Image credit: “Who Do You Say That I Am?” by Lauren Wright Pittman, Inspired by Matthew 16:13-20.
Digital Painting. © a sanctified art | sanctifiedart.org


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