Statement Affirming Trans People

We are sad to report that on Saturday, June 3, 2023, someone once again burned and destroyed the Transgender pride flag on our front lawn. We have reported this to Brookline Police. (You can read about the previous incident here.)

This, and other blasphemous acts of hatred like it, have no place in the world that we believe God calls us to create- a world without oppression based on gender, race, or religion (Galatians 3:28), a world where everyone has enough (Luke 1:52-53), and a world where forgiveness and justice flow abundantly (Matthew 6:10-12).

As leaders, we want to be clear in the affirmations we offer to those who are, know, or love a member of the trans community: there is nothing that will ever intimidate us away from proclaiming God’s Truth that our trans siblings are beloved children of God, that the LGBTQ community is sacred and holy, and that it is our duty as a Christian organization to stand on the side of the marginalized and fight for justice, compassion, and peace. Nothing, and we mean NOTHING, will ever get in the way of us proclaiming that Truth.

In faith and solidarity,

Rev. Amy and Rev. Kent

If you’ve noticed any suspicious activity in the neighborhood or have anything else you’d like to report, please feel free to contact Officer Kristin Healy, Brookline Police Department, LGBTQ+ Liaison, at