Brookline Police Department’s Safe Place Program

We are pleased to be participating in the Brookline Police Department’s Safe Place Initiative. You can find the new sticker on the Marion Street door. The program enhances public education regarding the reporting of hate crimes. This program is for ALL hate crimes which include: race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, mental, physical, or sensory disabilities, homelessness, marital status, political ideology, age, or parental status. This program helps say to victims: “You will be heard, you will be treated with care, dignity and respect from the business you enter to find help in, as well as from the Police Officers who respond to investigate.” All we as a church have to do is: 1. If a victim of any crime (especially a hate crime) enters our premises, call 911 immediately. 2. Allow the victim to remain on our premises until police arrive. For more information, visit