Special Services



Reflecting the rich denominational roots of the United Parish, the Sacrament of Baptism is available to infants, children, and adults who are active participants in the worship life of the congregation. When an adult is baptized, we celebrate that the person has responded to God’s call in their life; when an infant is baptized we rejoice that God loves us and claims us even before we can act for ourselves. Infant dedication is also available for families who prefer this blessing for their babies.

We celebrate Baptisms within Sunday morning worship services as a joyful Sacrament connecting God, the one being baptized, and the congregation. Vows are made between the one being baptized (or their parents, in the case of a child) and the congregation, to support and walk with them on their faith journey. Because of the nature of these promises, Baptism is available to those who are actively involved in worship and congregational life at United Parish.


Confirmation is offered biennially for teenagers to explore their faith and potentially join the congregation by profession of faith as adult members. A yearlong curriculum, including classes and a retreat, is led by church staff and volunteer teachers.

Adults who feel called to be part of the church but who were not confirmed as youth follow a different path of faith formation. This often includes participation in our Connections classes to explore membership, Bible study or other classes for adults to deepen their personal spirituality and knowledge of the Christian tradition, and discernment conversations with the pastors.

Memorial Services and Funerals

The apostle Paul wrote that “nothing in life, or in death, or in all of creation can separate us from God’s love for us in Jesus Christ.”

At the time of death, we support one another by providing pastoral care and support, and by creating worship services to give thanks for the life of the person who has died, to pray for their reunion with God, and to comfort those who mourn.  Worship leaders work with the family or friends of the deceased to plan a memorial service or funeral that embodies God’s promise of hope and honors the particular person who has died.