Walk For Hunger

The United Parish has a 35+ year tradition of joining Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger, a fundraising and community planning organization for more than 400 hunger programs across Massachusetts.

This organization assists the 9.6% of Massachusetts families that deal with some level of food insecurity. Project Bread funds Chefs in Schools to improve the nutrition of school lunches, a user-friendly website to help people sign up for Food Stamps, a food source hotline (800-645-8333), and food programs such as the Brookline Food Pantry.

Learn More About Project Bread

If you explore further on the Project Bread website, you can see on the extensive work Project Bread does to increase access to resources for families struggling with food insecurity. They direct Food Source Hotline callers to food programs, help people sign up for SNAP food stamps, help schools start breakfast programs, advocate for good policy and budgets in the legislature, conduct studies of food resource needs, etc.

The need is great. Since the beginning of the pandemic, local pantries have seen four- and five-fold increases in the number of families being served. Inflation has hit everyone, including the Greater Boston Food Bank, which reports an 11% increase in the cost of food.

A United Parish Tradition

United Parish has been participating in the Walk, on the first Sunday in May, for about 35 years, starting when Pastor Pat Coughlin walked from the Boston Common start along the route back through Coolidge Corner and to church in time to lead the Sunday service. Parishioners joined in and a tradition was born.

With the help and challenge of United Parish’s Missions Giving Ministry Team, United Parish has been one of the top fundraising teams in recent years, raising up to $13,000 for Project Bread!

Making a Difference

In 2022, our Team raised a total of $9,670. This figure includes:

  • $4,160 from our Team Page on the Project Bread website;
  • $5,000 from our church Mission fund; and
  • $510 in individual checks to Project Bread and from United Parish representing contributions from individual congregants.