Families with Children

Children and youth of all ages are integral to our life as a community. We provide a loving, intergenerational and inclusive environment where young people can explore the stories and teachings of our faith, ask questions, and figure out what it means to live authentically in the world. We encourage the presence and participation of children and youth in worship, education, music, service and fellowship.


We offer education programs for children from preschool through high school. Our church school helps young people develop Christian values, foster respect for different people and perspectives and plant the seeds of God’s word in their hearts and minds so that they may grow to become leaders in the church, community and world. Learn more about children's education and youth education.


We intentionally schedule church school an hour before Sunday services so that all may attend and participate in our worship life. We offer free nursery care for children from zero to five years old starting at 9:15 a.m. The nursery is located on the second floor. Please bring a labeled bag with diapers, change of clothing, pacifier, bottles, and anything else that will help our staff provide loving care for your child. To help younger children keep their busy hands engaged while experiencing worship, we provide small tote bags known as CABs – Children’s Activity Bags. They contain quiet, entertaining activities and are available at all sanctuary entrances. We also provide rocking chairs at the back of the sanctuary for the comfort of parents who choose to keep their young children with them during worship.


Children and youth of all ages are invited to participate in one of our choirs. Our music program gives young people joyful, Godly experiences through the acts of leading worship and preparing and performing music together. Learn more about children and youth choirs.