GBIO’s Lobby Day – April 11

Want to reach out to the State Legislature for housing justice?
Thursday April 11, at 10:30am 
at the front steps of the State House at 24 Beacon Street in Boston
The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO), of which United Parish is an active member, has been working for nearly three years on these critical housing issues:
  • More funding for the state’s woefully underfunded public housing portfolio of 41,500 units housing about 70,000 of our most vulnerable residents
  • Local option for a Real Estate Transfer Fee assessing a small fee on high-end real estate sales, with proceeds going to support local affordable housing efforts
  • Housing for citizens returning from incarceration
All these issues are getting close to successful outcomes, after months of campaigning by GBIO and others with the Governor’s office and the Legislature.  We’ve made a difference!  But now is the time to bring our work home because the key budget and legislation decisions will be made in the next 2-3 months. 
If you can possibly make the time, please come to the front steps of the State House at 10:30am next Wednesday.  We will have about 30 minutes of music and some words of encouragement plus a brief training, and then we will split up and visit our own senators and representatives with one-page descriptions of the actions we want the Legislature to take.   
Questions?  Contact GBIO Liaisons David Rockwell or Connor Israel at