Support the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

To the United Parish congregation…

We are writing to let you know of an opportunity, at this year’s end, to make a tax-deductible contribution to Greater Boston Interfaith Organization. Many of you are aware that United Parish has been a member of this coalition of 59 faith-based organizations since 2021, and that we have, with participation from many of you, been part of its successful and ongoing Housing Justice Campaign focused on both public housing and affordable housing in general.

Click here to support the work of GBIO.

Here are some of GBIO’s accomplishments that your support has helped bring about:

These results don’t happen without organizing power, which relies on GBIO’s hardworking staff of six organizers, along with all the volunteer work by members of GBIO’s faith-based

organizations like UP. This organizing raised awareness of housing issues by bringing together…

Our work continues, as we meet with state senators and representatives on getting these measures approved this spring by the State Legislature.

GBIO’s budget relies in part on individual contributions to its Impact Fund. We hope you will help further GBIO’s important work before the end of the year. Thank you for being a part of this essential effort in equity and social justice.

Thank you.

David R. and Connor I., GBIO Co-Liaisons