Thrifty Threads 2023 Community Impact

Thrifty Threads’ volunteers made a tremendous impact in the community over the past year. Thousands of pounds of clothing were diverted from the landfill and donated to local organizations, including foster homes, social work agencies, domestic violence shelters and community assistance organizations.

Also, the store’s 2023 year-end total amounts to an incredible $99,758.67!

Adele P., a Thrifty Threads volunteer, has been diligently tracking the recent donation numbers. Here is a snapshot of the donation numbers from the past few months:

For December 2023, we donated 214 bags of clothing (2,247 pounds or 1.12 TONS) to our charity partners. Over the last 4 months of 2023, we donated 667 bags of clothing (7003.5 pounds or 3.5 TONS) to charity partners.

Highlights from the past 4 months:

– Zion Foster Care Closet: 399 pounds of clothing

– Second Chances: 1690.5 pounds of clothing

– Dominican Republic Immigrants Group: 577.5 pounds of clothing

– Solutions at Work: 577.5 pounds of clothing

– Cambridge Women’s Center: 535.5 pounds of clothing

– Transition House: 535.5 pounds of clothing

– Special Requests from social workers/families: 294 pounds of clothing

The Thrifty Threads volunteer team is incredibly excited to continue their outreach and donation work in 2024 and wishes everyone a happy new year!