United Parish and the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization

In 2021, United Parish joined an interfaith coalition focused on making true, systemic changes to support social and economic justice in our local communities. The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) brings together faith-based communities like ours to lead and participate in actions to advocate and influence humane, progressive legislation.

United Parish voted to join the 58 churches, synagogues, and mosques of GBIO. Our Stretching into Justice Ministry Team answered common questions about GBIO in the video below. If you have a specific question, feel free to navigate to the video time stamps listed next to each question.

Watch the video here.

Or consult the FAQ sheet here.

Or watch our May 30 worship on how this enhances our overall justice efforts here.


1. Why should United Parish join GBIO? [0:04-7:24]

2. What can we do with GBIO without joining? [7:24-9:36]

3. What is the financial commitment involved in GBIO membership? [9:36-22:08]

4. How does GBIO spend its money? [22:08-23:14]

5. Why join a collective effort instead of stepping out on our own? [23:14-25:32]

6. What would being a formal member of GBIO require of UP members? [25:32-28:47]

7. Can an individual be a member of GBIO? [28:47-31:36]

8. What is the geographical area that GBIO focuses on, and how does it balance local and state politics? [31:36-33:44]

9. How would the Stretching into Justice team interact with GBIO? [33:44-35:55]

10. What is the demonstrated impact of GBIO’s actions? [35:55-42:58]

Thank you for taking the time to learn about GBIO and the significant impact faith-based communities can have when they join together. And please reach out to stretchingintojustice@upbrookline.org if you have additional questions or comments.