What’s New This Month at Thrifty Threads

September was a super busy and exciting month for Thrifty Threads! We welcomed many new shoppers as students recently returned to their college campuses. Many large donation pickups and drop offs took place this month thanks to the coordination efforts of Rachel, Louise, Adele, Ari and Anita. Second Chances, Solutions at Work, Dominican Immigrants Group, and Zion Cares Foster Closet all received clothing donations this month. We have upcoming donation pickups for Catie’s Closet and Cambridge Women’s Center. Thrifty Threads is also directing some monthly store proceeds to UNICEF to support recovery efforts in Morocco and The Hunger Ride in France, which our volunteer Leann is participating in. Also, make sure to check out our NEW store bulletin board. There you will find information on where we donate, our volunteers, past event collaborations and fun facts about sustainable fashion!