Get to Know Us

There are many reasons you may be seeking a new church home here at the United Parish...

Some of you may be going through a tough time looking for a safe place to be cared for, honored and welcomed. If that is you, come and join our family. Draw strength from our worship and nurture your hope from our joy.

Others may be looking for a meaningful way to engage in this world, tackling difficult social issues and reaching out to those who need help. If that is you, know that we have a deep and long tradition of engagement in social justice, service and care. We invite the wider community in need into our church for a home-cooked Thanksgiving Dinner; we Walk for Hunger; we partner weekly with the Brookline Food Pantry; we distribute thousands of dollars annually to charitable organizations; and we do much more as we heed God’s call to love and serve our sisters and brothers.

Still others may be looking for ways to deepen their own faith journeys or those of their children. If that is you, know that we have everything from Church School to Adult Education classes; choirs that need your voice; community service days that need your hands. We invite you to share your gifts to help us grow and flourish.

We do not send individual invitations to our church-wide events, but please know that you are always invited to anything and everything here in our church community -- talk to people in coffee hour, come to a New Member Class, e-mail the church office, read the signs posted around church – above all make sure that you get to know us not just from written materials, but by introducing yourself to those of us who call this place home.

Come work/learn/grow side by side with us.