Opportunities During Lent 2020

The season of Lent is a time to dig deeper into your soul, to find new and creative ways to grow in faith and in relationship with God and others. We are taking time this season to delve into what it means to discern God’s will in our lives, with opportunities to do that individually and collectively at United Parish. We hope you will join us in ways that may unleash your imagination, feed your soul, and help us all connect more deeply with the presence of God in our midst.

Lenten Study: Discernment, Finding Clarity in the Chaos, March 1-April 5

How do you find a way when you don’t know what to do? Are you wrestling with some questions you want help answering? Would you like to try walking in partnership with the Divine? We hope you will come for an introductory session on Sunday, March 1 from 12:30-2pm to learn more over lunch in the Parlor. This promises to be a helpful study for all of us. We will hold regular study sessions throughout the season on Sundays and 1-2 weekday times, based on need and availability. For more information, contact Kent (kent@upbrookline.org) or Deb H. (adultdeepening@upbrookline.org).

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Week 1, beginning March 1

Take-Home Questions

Lenten Study Packet Workshop #1

Week 2, beginning March 8

Take-Home Questions

Lenten Study Packet Workshop #2

Lenten Study Supplemental Material

Week 3, beginning March 15

Take-Home Questions MS Word or PDF

Lenten Study Packet Workshop #3 MS Word or PDF

Week 4, beginning March 22

Take-Home Questions in MS Word or PDF

Lenten Study Packet Workshop #4 in MS Word or PDF

Week 5, beginning March 29

Take-Home Questions in MS Word or PDF

Lenten Study Packet Workshop #5 in MS Word or PDF

Week 6, beginning April 5

Lenten Study Packet Workshop #6 in MS Word or PDF



Prayer Partners

We encourage everyone to try having a prayer partner for this Lenten season. You may think that you are not that spiritual, or that you don’t know how to pray, or even if you do, you don’t want to share that with someone else, that it’s private. That’s ok. Just give it a try. It’s a holy experiment, basically committing to having a spiritual buddy in the congregation with whom you talk for 5-15 minutes each week from now through Easter (April 12). Sign up here. Please review this brief guide for ways you might get to know each other and ways to try praying together or individually on behalf of the other. For more information, contact adultdeepening@upbrookline.org. 

Thursday Lenten Dinner Church, 6:15-7pm, Parlor, March 5-April 2

Join us for a contemplative, candlelit service over a shared meal on Thursday evenings, March 5 through April 2 from 6:15-7:00pm in the Parlor. Doors open at 6pm. Dinner church is a post-modern return to an ancient worship model, just like what the early Christians did in their own homes. We’ll enjoy soup, salad, communion, prayer, confession and music. For more information, contact Seminarian Jaz Buchanan at seminarian@upbrookline.org or Associate Pastor Amy Norton at amy@upbrookline.org.


Sunday Lenten Worship

We will follow the themes of our Lenten study of discovering what Discernment means and how to find clarity in chaos, each Sunday morning at 11am in the Sanctuary.